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Ricardo Gamarra - The CEO, Founder and Innovator


22 years ago Ricardo Gamarra made a decision that would forever change his ​family's future and the entire tequila industry. 

AsomBroso Tequila started when Ricardo decided to purchase a run-down distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, rebuilt and got the distillery certified from the CRT. AsomBroso has evolved into one of the most exclusive lines of tequila available on the market today. 


Like any great founder story, Ricardo has always pushed for innovation while keeping the tradition and authenticity of craft tequila.


Ricardo Was The First To:

  • Introduce a Bordeaux-Rested reposado tequila.

  • Rest tequila in new French Oak barrels 

  • Double barrel rest extra anejo tequila 

  • Rest a 10 year aged tequila in grand marnier cognac barrel 

  • Double barrel a 6 year tequila in a Irish Whiskey barrel 

  • Double barrel an 11 year tequila in vintage port barrels

  • Rest tequila in new French Oak for 11 years and bring it to market 


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